4 December 2017

A Dog’s Tail Tale

11 February 2016

Learning Ancient Greek Next

Why do I do it? Over and over again, I ask myself this question: Why do I do it?

I am talking about putting myself through hell for no logical reason by taking on more responsibilities and challenges when I am already maxed out on responsibilities and challenges. Let me explain.

6 April 2015

Are you a Chicken or a Pig?

The workplace is a diverse coming together of people with differing backgrounds, skills, drive, ambition, and individual traits. Leaders and managers work hard at bringing together such an eclectic selection to form effective teams and build successful companies.

2 March 2015

The Best Teacher You Ever Had…. Failure

What do we do when we succeed at something? We cheer, pump our fists, go out and celebrate, splash the cash. However small or huge the success is, we bask in the glory of the moment and set our expectations higher than before, hoping for more and bigger adrenaline rushes in the future.

24 February 2015

Seven “Managers” From Heaven by Mufid Sukkar

I recently wrote about “Nine Managers from Hell” so, it is only fair to set the record straight and speak of managers who showed me how to be a better manager.

14 February 2015

Nine Managers From Hell

A lot of professionals consider promotion to a management position as a final destination rather than a start of a journey. Incompetent management comes in a variety of forms. I am sure you can think of a bunch of them yourself but here are my favourite 9 types:

20 November 2014

Wisdom of A Child

Sometimes I think I have gone mad but when I reflect on what had happened, I am relieved to realise perhaps it is the business world I inhabit that is slowly but surely going completely nuts!