Interview with Mr. Hagop Avakian

29 September 2011

You have surely heard the name Avakian somewhere. The Avakians have been in the carpet business for more than four generations, and they have specialized in Oriental hand knotted carpets.

We have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hagop Avakian, a well-known expert in his shop in rue des Alpes the other day.

Mr. Avakian how do you chose your carpets?

As you know, I have a long experience and tradition in carpet business, so I travel everywhere to find the best one. When I chose a carpet, I always look at it as if I am buying it for myself; my own home to pass it on to my children and future generations.

As a carpet is a long-term investment, it is important to make the right choice. It is therefore important to remember that there are four factors that should be taken into consideration when you choose a carpet.

First of all, the quality of the wool is the first one to consider. Next, come the quality of the knots. Thirdly, it is the work and harmony of colors and finally the pattern, if one of these is missing, the carpet is worthless.

What kind of advice would you like to give a newcomer in town who would like to decorate his/her house?

When we receive clients in our shop, we try to determine the taste by showing him/her different kinds of carpets. We also offer to visit the potential client at his/her home with a selection of carpets to make sure that the carpet will fit with the existing furniture.

We have a huge choice for every purse. Our aim is to make the customer pleased and that they are satisfied in their house.

Do you really think that a carpet is necessary in a home?

Yes, it’s a good question. You can spend hundred of thousand francs to furnish your house or flat. However, if you do not put carpets, the house/flat seems empty. However, if you only put carpets and no furniture, the house is "furnished".

Mr. Avakian will receive you with a smile in his shop in rue des Alpes. More importantly, he will assist you with a wealth of experience and long tradition to buy the carpet of your dreams, and to make sure you make a choice you will never regret in addition to an investment that will only increase in value over time.
As he nicely puts it: "My dearest wish is to have happy clients".

18, rue des Alpes
1201 Geneva
Tel.: 022 731 61 77